What Can Beer Tell us  About Global Warming?

North Americans have traditionally preferred beer over wine. The preference has been overwhelming. Why do we prefer beer? Blame it on climate change!

Prior to roughly 1300 AD, wine was the preferred adult beverage in all of Europe including Northern Europe and England. That preference changed after 1300. That’s because the Little Ice Age cooled our planet so much, grapes could no longer be grown in northern regions. Inhabitants were forced to turn to crops that flourished in colder climates. In this case, they turned to barely and hops to make a different adult beverage, beer.

When Europeans began migrating to the new lands in North America, the majority of those migrants came from Northern Europe. They were hoping to escape the cold. When they came, the brought their traditions, their agriculture, and their preference for beer.

Beer demonstrates that climate change is a normal and reoccurring event for our planet.