About the Author – Randall Hughes



Randall Hughes

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Randall has been a regular contributor to the Sierra Club and is a past member of Friends of the River, an environmental group dedicated to protecting the fragile ecosystems of our streams and rivers.

Randall has also spent over 35 years as an Energy Engineer…

For the past 17 years, he has served as an Energy Resource Planner focusing on environmental compliance and implementing renewable energy projects, energy efficiency programs, and other alternative energy technologies helping to ensure a clean, affordable supply of energy for tomorrow’s generations. He has worked with environmental groups, State and Federal Regulators, and has studied every aspect of energy supply and its impact on our health, our economy, and the environment.

This unique blend of backgrounds provides a rare, exceptionally qualified, and unbiased perspective regarding the real-world impacts of energy and environmental policy decisions. Those impacts are often far different than the ones we’re told to expect.

Resource Planners are among the elite forward-looking thinkers in any industry. They apply complex computer simulation models to develop probabilistic future outcomes based on thousands of constantly changing variables such as changing world economies, fuel supplies, regulations, and others. Randall understands the benefits and the limitations of computer models. Randall has consulted Congress regarding clean coal legislation and the impacts of various environmental regulations including carbon dioxide restrictions.

Randall has also spent the last 20 years as a climate sleuth. He has studied volumes of peer-reviewed climate studies, all five major Climate Assessment Reports from the United Nation’s (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN’s Kyoto Protocol (the Treaty limiting greenhouse gas emissions), and various forms of proposed climate legislation.

What he has to say about climate change and the science behind human-caused global warming is shocking…to say the least.